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2017- A New Beginning, Connection & Humane-ity

Good Morning Everyone,

This year is a new year and there's so much to say and accomplish that I am ready to DO in 2017. I would just like to first say thank you for joining me on this journey, in which we are all about to embark on and that's a new Creative Life.

This year will be all bout working smarter, creating and sharing harder to connect us one and all through what I like to use the term HumaneIty.

It's not just Humanity, because we have plenty human element everywhere we look, but what we need is the most nurturing form of Humanity, which, requires truly being in the state of being Humane & being a species of LOVE. This world desperately needs true acts of human kindness & compassion in order for this world to heal on a micro and macro level,everything from family, neighbors, and communities of one and all(countries and ecosystems). We have become so disconnected with ourselves as individuals, we forget what it means to be truly connected with all that is around us and within us, so let's get reconnected with each other as human beings-friend, family, of all forms.

Through my artistic endeavors, whether it be finished works of art accomplished as a performance or in my own private studio, my art will reflect this in many different ways, some fun, some serious, some funny, but with plenty of imagination carrying into a fantasy, surreal style many times with lots of notes of Hawaiian Flora and Fauna-A Huge Passion of Mine -But the overall message will be about ....

A New Beginning, Connection & Humane-ity

Children of the Sky

Painting Life, Drawn from Imagination

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